Tanning Game: Traditional Nordic Tanning Methods for Leather and Furs

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Tanning Game: Traditional Nordic Tanning Methods for Leather and Furs is a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of traditional tanning with age-old methods and all-natural raw materials. With clear instructions and a wide selection of photos the book covers an extensive array of methods, tools and resources used in traditional tanning of game animal hides into durable leather and beautiful pelts.

Modern hunters are trained to thorough utilization of the game animal. Skins are however too often neglected and end up as waste, even though they hold incredible value as raw material. Our ancestors knew not to waste any part of a catch, but the age-old knowhow for reclaiming and processing skins is in danger of disappearing.

The term "traditional tanning" refers to an ancient way of working leather by processing raw skin completely by hand, without any industrial methods or toxic chemicals. All materials are sourced from the local wilderness. A tanning liquid is prepared by boiling tree bark in fresh water, and organic egg yolks are used for their unsaturated fatty acids. The process doesn't require costly tools or complex workspaces - but time, curiosity and courage to be in touch with nature hands-on!

The aim of the book is to document skills and spread knowledge of traditional tanning techniques to a new generation. Reviving these ancient skills is key to developing sustainable hunting practices and preserving traditional craftmanship.

Writer Hanna Nore is a master traditional tanner, artisan and teacher from Finland. Tanning Game packs her wide knowledge of traditional methods and vast amount of practical experience into a fascinating and thorough guidebook to the craft. Perfect for a beginner starting their journey and a treasure-trove of tips and tricks for an experienced crafter.

Product details
  • Book title: Tanning Game: Traditional Nordic Tanning Methods for Leather and Furs
  • Author: Hanna Nore
  • Publisher: Rödmossa Oy, Kimito, Finland (March, 2022)
  • ISBN: 978-952-94-5905-6
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Signed by the author